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About Us

Our Vision

“To be the first point of reference for all retirement benefits matters and a key facilitator of rapid development of a vibrant retirement benefits industry for all Kenyans”.

Our Mission

“To be a strong, effective and recognized forum to represent and promote the interests of member schemes and other stakeholders through innovative advocacy and education”

Our goals

Central to the services to members are:

  • Member Education Programme
  • Lobbying for changes
  • Communication on industry changes
  • Problem solving assistance

ARBS was formed to bring together the various stakeholders in the retirement benefits industry in Kenya and provide a forum where the issues important to the industry could be addressed as well as to lobby the regulators on behalf of the industry.

ARBS’ mandate under its Constitution is:

  • to encourage and contribute to closer links between trustees and sponsors of retirement benefits schemes and the various service providers and advisers
  • to promote knowledge of and research into the retirement benefits sector, and
  • to make representations to regulators and provide support and advice to Association members.

ARBS is the sole professional association of the retirement benefits industry in Kenya. So, if you are not already a member, please do join us – the wider our membership the more effective we will be in representing the needs of the retirement benefits industry and lobbying for changes that affect us all.