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As part of ARBS’ member education programme the Council has scheduled quarterly seminars/workshops during which pertinent issues are addressed. Members are encouraged to suggest issues which they would like to see addressed at these forums.

Gratuity Conversion

The main consideration and concern for both employer and employees in converting the Gratuity accrued to the employees into a ....

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Saving for

A majority of young people spend lots of time researching on material things like the latest version of cell phones or models of car to purchase but rarely ....

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Services to Members

Membership of any society is only as valuable as the benefits and services provided by the society. The focus of ARBS is the delivery of the benefits and services envisaged in the Vision Statement and Strategic Goals.

The deliverables from these for members are:

  • Industry Governance A retirement benefits industry governed on the highest principles
    of delivering best value to all stakeholders
  • Member Representation An Association of Retirement Benefits Schemes which is truly representative of the majority of the retirement benefits industry and has the strength of voice and resources to meet its members’ needs
  • Cohesion with the RegulatorA strong relationship with the regulators in which ARBS’ opinion is sought and valued in all considerations of regulatory development
  • Knowledge ResourceAn opportunity for trustees and other stakeholders to gain for themselves the knowledge and understanding necessary to equip them to address to varied and complex issues which face them.
  • Fair PlayAn environment in which the State schemes are as well managed and well funded as occupational and individual schemes and where there is a level playing ground among all types of schemes.
  • Understanding Members’ NeedsAn ARBS Council which is constantly informed of the sentiments among retirement benefits schemes trustees and other stakeholders enabling it to direct its energies appropriately.